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Well, my real doubts and more about the sounds made by these dolls about their sequence, is there a sequence of phrases or are they random?

Citizen Doll - Tibia Wiki

Santa Doll - Tibia Wiki

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All dolls don't have a sequence sounds all the sound they maker are random:

And about the sounds they make are:

 Citizen Doll:

"Thais is the oldest city in Tibia, did you know that?"

"Looking for the great histories and adventures? Take a look at TibiaTV.com.br!"

"Have you heard about the Sword of Fury in Rookgaard? It's been a long time since I have seen it..."

Santa Doll:

"Ho ho ho!";

"Jingle bells, jingle bells...";

"Have you been naughty?";

"Have you been nice?";

"Merry Christmas!";

"Can you stop squeezing me now... I'm starting to feel a little sick.".

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I know it's not part of my question, but would you know if there are one or the other of those phrases that is difficult to get out of the sound?
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Some phrases come out more repeatedly than others, but there are no phrases hidden in the dolls.