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I was pretty sure that all Gamemaster dolls are written. But today I have seen one doll which was unwritten. Anyone has idea why? How many unwritten  dolls exist in Tibia?

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I came here to say you need to get closer but I see you've covered all the angles there.  Good question
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I had a problem with Meendels house on Yalahar :D But as you can see my friend helped me to look at the doll.

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I asked some Ex gm friends (Araluxie, Etien) and they both agreed it might be some sort of bug that deleted the description of the item, there were not known unwritten gamemaster dolls handed when they retired Gm's and that was the only time they delivered those ingame, Araluxie also claimed to have some tapestries of honour's description cleared too, with no explanation.
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Good research! :o
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Well done. Wasnt sure anyone could answer this one
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Some players request trophies or badges to be unwritten from fansites. Could it be that the players requested the doll to be unwritten? (Although, not known maybe it could've been requested?)
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