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Most  of us know that NPC Jorde changes 20 silver raid tokens for a ex-fansite replica, we have examples like loremaster doll, golden falcon, etc... they are all called the same name as the original one, except they give the description "souvenir from thais museum"...

My question is: why the cateroide's doll is called crimson doll instead of the original "cateroide" name? some fansites still call it cateroide's doll, but ingame, you can see on market the crimson doll, and no evidence of cateroide's doll (except for the original one, which is not negotiable). Why it is like this? If you know when this happened too, would be cool. Thanks

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Oh, interesting. I didn't even know.

I've got one idea, of course I'm not sure if it's true so correct me if I am wrong, please :)

As I remember "Cateroide" is a pseudonym of this ex-fansite's admin - Julio Cateroide.

He has joined with his fansite to the fansite's program just to has this doll and left it soon after it was implemented into the game. Now he is still active as a youtuber so probably Cipsoft doesn't want to honour him anymore.

Opinion-based digression:

To be honest for me it's quite weird to name the site from our pseudonym. Fansite should be about Tibia, not about it's admin-superstar xD.

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I coreccted this info in my answer. I have already said that it may be a pseudonym not his last name, but maybe it wasn't visible enough.
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Ok but he made a video about this question and explained why he lost fansite status and a possibility about why the doll name changed
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I see, well that time when I wrote this answer nobody knew that, so it was only an idea. Nice that it is clear now!
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The doll name was changed because Cateroide at the time it was a fansite broke a direct rule from Cipsoft by making a video about “Zezenia” an OT server.

He saw this question and explained in this video: https://youtube.com/watch?v=-XcAo4k6O2w in the minute 6:50

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upvote the anwser then ;P
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I'm not 100% sure about this but I'm very positive this is the reason.

There's actually some drama behind the "Cateroide Doll" where the admin only applied for the fansite program to get his hands on the doll and pretty much quit the program after.

My guess is Cipsoft didn't even want to be associated with the fansite as it's a very big derp moment for them, therefore, they changed the name so players that don't know this story won't find out about the "Cateroide" fansite. This whole situation also made Cipsoft change their rules towards fansites becoming supported.