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According to TibiaWiki.com.br:


  • Dread Doll is designed by Geeviz.
  • Doll of Durin The Almighty  is designed by El Padrino.

On the other hand, while I was doing a reaserch about Nightmare Doll I have found a graphics:


According to TibiaRoyal.com it is Li Dao, who designed both Dread Doll and Doll of During The Almighty.

Maybe you know the story or remember that contests - who is the real designer of these items?

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Once I was looking for the creator of these dolls and I came across Li Dao 

From what you can see in his description on tibia.com he created Doll of Durin The Almighty  and Dread Doll 

But I searched the old forum with the competition and found this :

I just can't believe that Mounthrize didnt win.

Anyway it's sad that YOU admins dont see that Geeviz didnt make this item, it was just Li Dao who gave to Geeviz his project.

Nothing more to add

Over and out~

Source : FunTibia

It looks like Li Dao is a designer and Geeviz won the competition :) The same applies to Durin doll :

Source : TibiaFandom

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hey daisy, i recommend pasting quotes from that forum maybe rather than a pic would be easier on the eyes
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Changed. Thank you for the advice :)