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latest?cb=20091209220329&path-prefix=en&format=originalMy friend is looking to buy a Nightmare doll but I don't know the price of it currently. Nightmare dolls aren't able to be put up for sale on the market. What is the cost of the Nightmare doll? If you can please include the current gold cost as TC varies from server to server. Also include your source (threads if possible)

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I searched in almost all the forums, and I found in the Yonabra trade forum a player selling this doll for 120kk. >> https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4907762 << This value may vary depending on the server. I also found some more old deals (from two years ago) for 95kk-130kk.

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you can find cheaper in old yellow pvp worlds for 100kk
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