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During the Orcsoberfest event you can get different plushies:

  • Plushie of a Deepling
  • Plushie of a Hydra
  • Plushie of Gaz'Hagaroth
  • Plushie of Devovorga
  • Plushie of King Tibianus
  • Sight of Surrender's Plushie

I was wondering:

  • Considering that's how they are ordered/displayed behind Xaver, are they ordered by rarity? Or do they have the same probability of drop?
  • What is the rarity of occurrence of each of them by using lots?
  • What is the rarity of occurrence of each of them by participating in the boss tasks? Does it depend on the damage you make to the chest or on the amount of tasks you complete while in the boss room?
  • If you would equate them in rarity to, for example, existing dolls: to which ones would you match them with by degree of rarity?


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Thanks all for the answers. It would be great if anyone could address the question regarding whether they are equally rare or if some are rarer than the others.
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We don't have enough information to tell the drop rate of each doll.
For me it seems that the Sigh of Surrender is more common than the others. I've got 2 SoS and 2 king plushies while a friend of mine got one Gaz and one SoS.
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Yes, that's the idea as well, to start gathering the information that we have, then maybe we can reach an approximate conclusion. :]
I also believe that Sight of Surrender is the most common one. I got a King Tibianus and a Sight of Surrender from lots (I think I used 60-65 lots). Also, I got a King Tibianus from the boss (I think I did the boss task ~17 times). Another player I know got two Sight of Surrender from lots.

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I don't think they are rare. We must consider that this is an event that happens twice a year and a group of 3~4 level 100 are able to do the boss.

I've used 250 lots so far and got 4 plushies from them. Also killed the boss 43 times without loting a single plushies.

To me these dolls are as the Demon's Lullaby dolls. Because even with the restriction people are able to get at least one doll per event on multiple characters. 

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I used about 400-500 tickets and had 3 dolls. It is likely that the doll falls on average every 100, but the first one appeared only after 150 and another after 50 - so it is random.

I've done the boss many times, I think even within 50 or more, and I didn't lose anything more than violet gem.

Now the event is more difficult, after today's patch so I think that the dolls will be worth more, but I think that every player has a chance at least one.
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These items are not rare, I have friends that got all of them  in the first day. Of course that now, with the chnages made by CIP it will be a little difficult to get them considering it's harder to earn festive points, but the servers had already a lot of them, just same case of the Yetislippers Yetislippers.gif.