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I have heard that it is possible to get it from Santa Claus, are there any more options to get it?

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I'm afraid there is no other option, than trying our luck with Santa Claus.

According to TibiaWiki:

From the Winter Update 2010 onwards, Ball Gowns have been given away as a very rare gift by Santa Claus.



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You should ask precisely then, that you need all possible info about the topic. Your question states that you want to know how to get it nowadays ( at least that's how I understand it). So Pochwalona answered correctly.
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If you ask "ARE THERE any more options to geti it?" it means that you want info about current situation. I intentionally didn't write anything about the past, even thought it is written in the same link I gave in my answer.
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Well, sorry You got the right, i have wrongly wrote the question, +1 for u and best answer, thanks ;^^