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Ball on Chains.gifBall on Chains is a decoration item that I don't see often in houses. I know it cannot be carried in backpacks, but where can I find this item? They say there are also different versions of this item. If you could list all possible locations where we can drag to our houses. You don't need to list locations that cannot be pushed to houses.

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you want only all places or only these  when you can drag to house?
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Did a little edit for better understanding

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Ball on Chains Locations

1. Yalahar, Arena Quarter (two pieces every ss)

It's possible to get it only for Yalahar houses!

I prepared tutorial for TibiaStyle how to transport it (Youtube video with english subtitles)

->  What unique, pushable items can You find in Yalahar? 

2. Tiquanda, Asura Palace

You can find one (use browse field) in Asura Palace.

You can transport it to: Port Hope, Darashia, Ankrahmun but also Carlin (Northport), Thais (Greenshore, Fibula), Kazordoon, Venore, Ab'dendriel. How to do it: How can I transport pushable items from city to city?

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