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 You see a Citizen Doll.

It weighs 22.00 oz.

This doll carries the story of all Tibians in their legendary citizen outfit. Awarded by TibiaTV.com.br

There are few items in the game, but I wonder how much it can be worth. My friend dreams very much about buying it.

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If there are only a few Citizen Dolls among Tibia, the price can't be definied and you can't get any average price neither. I think that unfortunately it is determined only by seller. If he ask 80kk you have to pay 80 kk, if he ask 150 - it's your choice.

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Hello! My friend just bought one some days ago, he paid 140kk. To be honest, I think this value is a little bit higher than what the item is really worth, but he paid because it was a requirement of the seller to sell a Crunor's Heart too. The real value for it would be between 80-100kk