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The new item from Tibia QA, does anyone has it already?

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TibiaQA: Pochwalona

Character: Makadamia

Reason: Creator of the item (First place on the contest)

TibiaQA: Ellotris Guardian

Character: Ellotris Guardian

Reason: TibiaQA Admin.

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Makadamia made always best fansite items :( this Panther and Owl are so so so beautiful! the most beautiful items in whole game! :)
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Makadamia has it in her house. She created the Omniscient Owl Omniscient Owl in contest for fansite item and she won it. I quess admins of www.tibiaqa.com have it also.


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All of Omniscient Owl's recievers you can find in this topic:


Unfortunately it will get harder over the time to define owners, since some of them want to sell or trade their Owl.

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ohh no. my owl i'll keep for the rest of my life (: i dont sell my fansite items.
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I understand you very well :D All of my rares have it's own "history" and I keep it, because I'm sentimental. I don't buy rares, I don't accept it as gifts xD But I already saw that people who are not in TibiaQA community owns the Owl or advertisement about trading Owl for Midnight Panther Doll.
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yea idk how ppl can easily sell their fansite items but i've bought 2 before and the other 2 i won during a contest. so i mean without those selling my fansite items wouldn't ever have the love they have now! xD