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There is a certain chance to get various Pit Demons from  which are obtained for arena wins.
TibiaWiki has 100 trials in their stats - no demons obtained. Perhaps there is someone here who could shed more light on this matter?

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I am also curious what is the chance to get demons. I have 1 in my collection which I won after opening 10 pieces.

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With the Summer Update 2021, Monster Arena's were replaced with Tibiadrome. Surprise Cube's are no longer obtainable and Drome Cube's became their substitutes.  


Surprise Cube Opening Surprise Cube, 100 trials.

ItemAmountPercentageTries to get 1
Platinum Coin 5 Platinum Coins1414%8
Green Crystal Fragment Green Crystal Fragment1414%8
Cyan Crystal Fragment Cyan Crystal Fragment1212%9
Red Crystal Fragment Red Crystal Fragment1111%10
Orange 20 Oranges1010%10
Blue Crystal Shard Blue Crystal Shard88%13
Green Crystal Shard Green Crystal Shard66%17
Time Ring Time Ring66%17
Dwarven Ring Dwarven Ring44%25
Energy Ring Energy Ring33%34
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring33%34
Mastermind Potion Mastermind Potion33%34
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing22%50
Berserk Potion Berserk Potion22%50
Violet Crystal Shard Violet Crystal Shard11%100
Bullseye Potion Bullseye Potion11%100


Videos of surprise cubes opening:



The drops of the pit demons is under the 1% , the rarety of each pit demon is the next:

Brown Pit Demon (Common)
Green Pit Demon (Common)
Blue Pit Demon (Rare)
Black Pit Demon (Very Rare)
Red Pit Demon (Extremely Rare)

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Thanks, but this is not what I was looking for. Quick web research and you can get this info in no time. I have even provided the wiki example as a proof that  100 trials are irrelevant due to the sample being too small.
What I am curious about are the percentage odds to get each demon.
I was hoping that someone maybe created his own stats or knows someone who opened vast amount of cubes to get the whole collection.