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Hello I am struggling to find the location of fiended monsters, I don't know exactly where to look after using the spell. So I'm looking for a guid to locate easily theses monsters
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i do recommend downloading firstly the map of tibia from tibiamaps.io (official fansite), then in their page there is an interesting and nowadays important guide about how exiva works (helpful to improve your searching skills)
Finally using your exiva at max range to save time and mana.
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Williams you should consider adding your comment as answer.

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As Anubora said, tibiamaps.io is very useful. To maximize my chances to find fiends before other players I always have their main map viewer on and I just switch between the map and the client. Additionally, I usually start from the ship in Edron or Venore to quickly get to other cities and use the speed set.

Edit: I forgot to add that it's good to sail from city to city to check for other creatures, as there might be 3 fiendish creatures alive at one time.

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To provide more details around the map on tibiamaps.io it is possible to turn on an exiva overlay using the "E" key. 

This will help you determine where the creature is located based on direction and "far", "very far", etc. You can read more details on how it works here.

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Adding up to all what have been said I would give some tips to improve even more your hunting.

First thanks to Williams and Xarkost we know that exists tools to know where our fiendish mob could be, at least approximately using Tibiamaps.io Tool, also the tip about travelling from town to town and using speed set, pretty decent to find fiendish but there are even more ways to improve our skills so I would list some key points to actually find fiendish.

  1. Is recommended to be at least lvl 250: since there are PLENTY locations that are either unreachable or too hard for players below this lvl, players with characters below 250 are slower and weaker so is VITAL to know what kind of mobs could appear in specific locations, if an specific location is unknown and there aren't hints about what could appear there, is advisable to skip it and check for other fiendish either unlocked or closer or in known places until there weren't more options, remember there is up to 3 fiendish at time (Downloading a map with marks specially from tibiamaps.io ensures a better orientation due marks could help to know what a place is or what mob could appear there, at least  in most cases).
  2.  Access/transports/tools are a MUST HAVE; a backpack with: scarab coins, pick/rope/shovel/machete (or special tool), teleport crystal, firebug, runes (walls, destroy field), etc; avoid setbacks in most cases, but there would be either way several places that are more easily reachable/only reachable once you have some access/transports, here a list of the most used access/transports in my experience (from easier to harder):

    Yalahar Access >
    Isle of the kings >
    Hidden city of Beregar (Kazordoon shortcut as well) > 
    Vengoth entrance >
    20 points on Grizzly Adams (boat to Banuta/Chor/Mountain pass) >
    The shattered isles (Meriana islands/Nargor) >
    Isle of evil >
    In service of Yalahar quest (till last mission for doors) > Isle of evil > Wz (rank enough to do lava spot only) >
    Vengoth Castle (full) >
    The shattered isles (full quest, access Ramoa, Talahu, Malada, Kharos)>
    Formorgar mines (with lift access) >
    Thais bosses (All access but holy portal unless you can afford it no need to kill bosses) >
    Threatened dreams (Feyrist access only)  >
    The hunt for sea serpents quest (access) >
    Shortcut from Krailos to Issavi (Kilmaresh quest this access is easy but worth only for 300+) >
    Zao (9th tome + Mortal kombat + WOTE till  accessing the castle ) >
    Cults Of tibia quest (only access to all respawns) >
    Bigfoot's burden ( 480 points at least to access Mushroom gardens/lavaspot)
    A Pirat tails quest (Rascaccoon access with shortcut) >
    Oramond Citizen >

    Those access are enough to reach almost every location that isn't usually usable to hunt, so most of the fiendish are found there, there are plenty more but with those should be enough in most case.

  3. Training own skills: While some tools could be helpful from time to time, making use of those is unworthy on the long term, those are useful to train but once were possible to "imagine the route" without the need of tools is advisable to get rid off them and continue manually using the map of cyclopedia in a hotkey, that way a lot of time could be saved, then using the tool only when certainly a trip could be saved (example to know if a mob is closer to Ankrahmun or to mountain pass using exiva from ank boat).
  4. Get close first, then the rest: the main goal is to be closer than "far", that way it could be checked the layer (floor) of the mob, to know the specific layer is really important since makes easy to know on which locations could be, yet if is possible stepping close enough where the spell says "above/below from you" would give even more certainty about on which layer could it be, this is specially worth on Tombs where a tomb as peninsula starts at far west of Ankrahmun and could end in center-south of it. Here the tool is helpful to understand where to step in order to be close enough, then checking which layer such fiendish is and finally reaching it, doing it different could lead to waste of time searching for an specific place that could be accessed from another different side (example otherworld, tombs, Kazordoon mines, etc)
  5. Be time-wise: sometimes is better to use "transports/access" to shortcut distances, traveling from city to city helps, but when were possible using access to locations between cities could save considerable amount of time: Crystal Gardens (orc fortress), earth portal (POH), Spike (below Meriana south of Thais), Beregar (between Ab'dendriel, Carlin and Yalahar) and Energy/holy portal (below Tiquanda) are excellent examples of places that shortcut distances without the need to directly trip to the middle of the respawn.
  6. The mighty multiple stairs: as known stairs could help to accurate our fiendish search through multiple locations with different layers, really good to sharpen our search, but stairs are even more powerful than that, since there are several places that have an access really far from their location the aid of stairs would be enough in most cases to difference between such respawns and the average locations accessible through a normal walking, to take the most approach of this is needed to get closer from mob and use find fiend constantly while going down or up through layers, that way once on the bottom or top of the spawn if the find fiend is still in a different layer then probably the mob is in a location with a far access, example:
    the bottom floor of crocodiles on port hope, below it only exists library, easy to check.
    the bottom floor of Dworcs on Tiquanda jungle, below it exists energy portal room.
    the upper/bottom floor from spikes, above it there is Meriana and LB, below it there's nothing but other spikes section.

    So checking those stairs could help to discern whether the access to a place is close or not (sometimes even if is worth or not trying to access it)

  7. Fact-checking respawns/access/locations: a common mistake when fiendish hunting is trying to face-check everything, when were possible is better to check the map of the place looking for entrances to the desired location, if there's no hint about an entrance close to it is better to check if actually the mob is on the desired location (layer checking) then finally checking if actually the entrance to the location is close to our actual position all that through map, that's why downloading a good map, specially a map with marks is required, there's no need to travel to a place only due there is a fiendish close that "could be there", when were possible is advisable to check where a portal/teleport lead to, and if needed traveling to such place and focusing the map in the layer 0 (the middle layer, where the continents are visible), that way would be easier to understand the actual position with respect the map of tibia, example of locations too far from their teleport are: 
    wz teleports ( first wzs lead to orc fortress/edron, wz 4-5-6 lead to Feyrist/north Roshamuul), minotaur cults (tp on Thais, lead to southwest of Rookgaard) spirit lands (tp in Vengoth, Darashia, or Carlin, lead to north port hope), so is really wise to take those and more locations in consideration before trying to find a fiend that could be "below you" but with entrance at the other part of the world.