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Today I found Shlorg and my friend came to kill him with me, after we were thinking about if it's worth to kill those bosses alone or with a friend in order to higher chances to drop a rare item.

So, those bosses like Shlorg, Zushuka, Welter etc, is your chance to drop a rare higher alone or with a friend?
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I believe it's just lucky. Before when I used to farm Bosses I killed Zushuka many times alone and with team and my friend drop Trapped Lightning and Icy Cullotes, but I also drop a Glass of goo when I killed Shlorg alone. But it was 5 years ago at least so hahaha maybe it changed across the years.

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Firstly I have to emphasize it's just an opinion since it is impossible to be sure and base on any official info:

I think that loot in case of Zushuka/The Welter/Ocyakao etc. does not depend on a players. In my opinion there is the same chance to drop rare item if you kill it solo and in team. If it was true, that it is easier in team, it would be really easy to loot stuff from The Welter, since it is very often killed by a few players, but usually this boss simply drops nothing special and all team get nothing. Worth to mention that even if boss will give a rare, lucky person will be the only who get something valuable. Rest of team will get only some useless items and only the first winning loot may be valuable.
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That is similar with we were thinking. If we kill in 2 players, there will be 2 rewards and the chance of getting something valuable will be higher.
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But it doesn't really mater if there will be 2 or even 10 different rewards, still only one counts and only one is able to be the lucky one.