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For example, does most damage matter? Does how you participate in each room matter? I haven't looted any rares yet so I'm confused about how the reward system works with this boss because generally, I think I get the higher experience end whenever I go to the boss. I also want to go on my lower levels and fear it might not be worth it.
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Shawtay, I won't put this as an answer because I don't have any sources to confirm, but in my experience, it does not matter the amount of damage. There are many forms to participate during the boss fight and it is hard to make a fair formula. Also I saw some low levels drop rare items. I, myself, am level 96 and even though I can't do much, last night I got a wind-up key and the rest of my team (all level 200+) got nothing good.

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Skerio, Tibia Community Manager reply on the forum to the question:

It doesn't matter how much damage you do to it, only that you do some damage to it.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4901013&pagenumber=18

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it is ramdom as skerio said on oficial website. u need just to kill the treasure chest;
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I didn't downvote but your answer is lacking a source and doesn't give much detail