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Do i have a chance to drop 2 old and used backpacks with double event loot from Orc? also i wonder if prey loot also makes a bigger chance for it.
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Good question with good answer. I changed the title to make it better for indexation and understanding since we recently got a duplicate.

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I killed rare orc during double loot event a few years ago and the loot wasn't doubled. Here is a screenshot of the loot:

Not sure if prey affects it or not though.

Edit: Added screenshot with loot message. Apparently there was no message back then indicating that the loot was increased or not (this applied to all applicable creatures).

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Yeah i know, but the most important thing for me is if the double loot affects on it or no. Since few years many things may change. And on Your screenshot i can't see if there was a message "increased loot". If it was few years ago, probably there wasn't even a message because it may didn't exist yet. About the prey i will try to check it on my own. About double loot i think i have to wait for another one or few more. Thanks for trying to help, question still waiting for more answers :D!
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Thanks for reaserch ^^
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Video proof that it is indeed not possible to double loot it in double loot events: https://youtu.be/1Igu53BTkd8