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Is it possible to loot 2 Sam's Old Backpack from the Orc using prey loot, double loot potion, or in a double loot event?

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No, it isn't. Normal creatures that drop raid-only items have a unique system for these loots. The items are added to the creature's loot along with the special raid spawn. Using Loot Prey, Loot Potion or during Double Loot event, you'll only get a second roll of the creature's common loot. This also applies to Amazon Set items during the Femur Hills raid, for example.

By the way, I don't know if you created the image to illustrate the question or got it from somewhere else. If it's the latter, I hope you noticed that "screenshot" is a very poorly made fake and not a real double drop of the backpack.
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Do you have any resource for this? I mean, have you tested or has any friend of yours tested this? I dont need a link or screenshot as proof, since you are very knowledgeable and trustworthy. I'm just curious how do you know about this because it's very hard to find those kind of creatures to test. Since you can get 2 scorpion sceptres from Horestis using potions (I've saw a video recently), I thought that you could loot 2 sam backpacks as well (I know that Horestis is a boss and not a raid creature, but thought that the system would be the same).
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There's "proof" regarding the Double Loot event on the answer I posted in the question's comments. I also think it can be proved based on the Leaked files, but I can't check right now. Furthermore, it matches with what we know about the game. We know the creatures from this raids are regular creatures (it's the same Orc, same race id, not a special Orc), otherwise it wouldn't be possible to activate prey on them. And we know that you can activate prey on them because there are several screenshots of players killing these creatures and getting the loot prey message (but not a double backpack).

It's one of those things we can hardly prove because we can't prove a negative, there's no way to prove it never happened or never will unless CipSoft says so. But even then considering how long it's been with the prey system and double loot events we would have seen a double Backpack drop, which we never did.
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Sorry, I didnt see your previous comment. Indeed, this screenshot during a double loot event is proof enough.  And I didnt know that you could use a prey in this orc. Makes sense, same id, but they create the creature with a fixed drop of 1 backpack. Thank you!