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Let say I go with my partner to kill the boss Grand Master Oberon, and when we defeat him, we both loot a Falcon Item. It's this possible? In case it be, there is more bosses that can loot valuable loot at once in a single battle? Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to obtain 2 rares from the same boss? Yes and no it all depends on the boss and reward system the boss has at the time! There's some rare items like the Ferumbras Hat that only drop one per boss because it's a 100% drop chance rate but then there's other rares like the Falcon item that have the possibility of you looting 2 rares in 1 boss, it's not very likely but possible. I wanted to share with you all the sources I went through to obtain this response.

...keep in mind that there are different mechanics for different bosses. Let's concentrate on Oberon and assume, every player meets the participation requirements:

The chance of looting an item as a team is of course higher than looting an item as an individual since all team members have a chance to loot one.

However, the chance of looting one on your own character does not differ. Let's say there is a 1% chance to drop item X. If you go in alone or as a team does not affect this 1% chance.
However, if you go in as a team of e.g. 5 people, all five of you have a 1% chance to get that item. So the overall chance that this item will drop for one of you is of course higher (5 x 1%). Yet, the chance that it drops for your own character remains the same.

What Tjured was referring to is most likely a unique drop, which means a specific item can drop only for one participant of the kill. This mechanic, however, does not apply to Oberon.

> Does this mean that it is possible for more than 1 character in the team killing the boss, to obtain a Falcon item?

Yes, given the rarity of the items it is not very likely but it is possible.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38389965#post38389965

 Moreover, please keep in mind that the reward eligibility is determined by your participation in a fight. You need to reach a certain threshold to even have a chance for a drop.

We will not hand out further details about the cooperative loot system or how it works for specific bosses.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38394377#post38394377

That depends on the rareness of the item. Rares will stay rare, while other items might drop more often.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=35297845#post35297845

Items like Ferumbras' hat with a 100% drop chance will still drop only ONCE. Among all players who reached a certain participation level, ONLY ONE will get the hat.
Other rare items will stay rare. For example: if ten players reach a certain participation level then all ten have the same chance to receive a great shield but only one will get it. Still, that is still only a chance and there is no guarantee the anyone will get the shield. So, rares will stay rare.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=35304973#post35304973

I see now where the misunderstanding comes from. The falcon bosses use the same cooperative loot system like other bosses that have a reward bag. This loot system has always (well, since its implementation in 2013) allowed various settings, e.g. how much do you need to participate to be eligible for a reward, is there a chance that an item drops for each player who meets the threshold or does it only drop for one of them etc.

The only "new" thing about the falcon bosses is that in addition to the cooperative loot system (all the stuff that can be in a reward bag), they can also have regular loot outside of that reward bag. This regular loot works like it does for all creatures and bosses that do not use cooperative loot. So in a nutshell: The falcon bosses combine both loot systems. The rares are dropped via cooperative loot, however. Hope this clarifies the matter.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=38393397#post38393397

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First of all you can loot more that 1 rares in cases when avaliable items in loot from the boss contains more than 1 rare item. You can not loot 2x the same item. So we can easily say that it is imposiible to loot 2x Eye Of The Storm, but in Case of The Welter when you can loot 2 different items like Triple Bolt Crossbow and Shrunken Head Necklace it is possible.

It works for random spawn bosses with reward chest system.

Raid bosses like Ferumbras or archdemons (or even Pale Count) have a bit different system - here we've got quite a lot of rare items in the loot, but usually get it only one person with highest participation. There is one exception - because there is 100% chance to drop Ferumbras' Hat for the person with the highest participation and rest of rares have slightly different chance and can be dropped by other person with really high participation - we can meet the situation when 1 person is looting Ferumbras' Hat and another one - for example Skullcracker.

I think that this situation is more common in case of bosses like Fermubras Mortal Shell or King Zelos, where chance to loot Ferumbras' Hat or Shadow Cowl is more random than in case of other items like Great Shield etc.

In case of Jaul (because it might be interesting and helpful) - we can loot ALWAYS 2 items from the boss, and it is possible that both of them have one person.

Grand Master Oberon - I think we can not compare it to any other boss. Yes, it is possible to loot, some of players were already lucky enough to proove it:

Old bosses withour reward system like Man In The Cave, Fernfang or Dharalion have only 1 rare item amond the loot list so it is impossible to loot more than 1.

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Yes, of course it's possible :) of course, not from all bosses, as mentioned below - it is impossible for us to drop 2 ferumbras hat from ferumbras,  but at Gaz'Haragoth is possible to people with popular dmgs more than one rare, just like with  daily bosses... Look on this screen.

source: https://www.tibiabosses.com/gallery/

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How the first picture with Midnight Panther can be a proof, if Panter Paw is an item with 100% drop chance and can not be consider as rare drop in any way ;) What is more - Panther Head isn't "rare" neither.
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honestly, i never saw anyone drop two pieces at once. I added it extra only, it seems to me that the screen with oberon is enough as proof.
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Everybody who loot Midnight Panther Head drops two pieces at once.
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mhm okaay, so i'll delete this..