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If I activate loot prey in Orc Warlord, and then kill some of them during an invasion in Femor Hills, will the possibility of dropping an amazon item change (increase)? or does the prey only change the probability of dropping items common to this creature in any part of tibia (for example a Crusader Helmet that can be dropped by any orc warlord regardless of location)?

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Since the Amazon Set is not part of the regular Orc Warlord loot, having an active loot prey in the Orc Walord will not make any difference in the chances of dropping these items.
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Any particular proof?  If loot prey affects Orc Warlords and it works on Warlords from Fermor Hills raid (it can be visible on many screenshots for example in TibiaBosses gallery) then maybe very rare items that are among their loot are also affected. I don't mean that you're wrong, because I simply don't know, but I qouldn't be so sure.
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The only way to proof it would be an answer directly from CIPSOFT.