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Hello, today in my way to carpet I saw this: Column of Tournament Heroes.

Someone knows what does this do? This is possible to buy? It looks really nice to decore my house laugh.

Thanks in advance.

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wow this looks way better than the golden outfit mural. It will look nice to have one in every town!
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It is indeed, placed in every town FPoPP.

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As the name suggests, it shows you the names of tournament heroes, as stated in the lastest tibia.com news.
It will start to show these names once the upcoming tournament will finish.

I suppose that the mechanism behind this object will be similar to

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Hello, what Column of Tournament Heroes does is show the glory of the main players who participated in the tournaments of the respective year in which it took place. When giving use, the name of the Tournament that occurred as well as its date and the winners (who scored the most points in the tournament) of the respective worlds follows:

Tournament GLORY ended on Jun 24, 2019

Congratulations to all winners:

Endebra: Doctor Aurelio

Endera: Debest Druid

Endura: Yapa Hamy

Velocera: Deleted (deleted)

Velocibra: Milton Nanave

Velocita: Dargor Store