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Upon looking over Tournament questions I stumbled upon this question with an answer:

Q: On the first tournaments you have added more golden replicas on the sign in picture (thunder hammer, warlord sword, blessed shield...) they will be implemented into the game?

A: Each of the three sunset Tournaments will have a golden replica of one of those items as a reward. However, the remaining golden replica items probably won't make it into the game, at least there are no plans for that.

I would like to know what this image is of and if there are any golden replica items that weren't implemented in the game due to the Sunset of Tournaments.

Maybe the last Tournament will include a Thunder Hammer and that's the only golden replica that this image has? I just don't know what image this question is referring to and I'm very curious how many golden replicas there are. I know these replicas have been implemented so far [source]-

Golden Magic Longsword.gifGolden Crown.gifGolden Horned Helmet.gifGolden Blessed Shield.gif

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The image that person was referring to is this one:

Edit: I forgot to mention that I cannot say for sure if this image is official. I don't think it is, because it wasn't taken with 100% size and it looks like it's using antialias, which the CMs don't use. I believe it was created by a player and started to circulate between players.

In it, you can find replicas of the following items:

But only the 4 replicas you mentioned are currently in the client files. And as you can see, there were also Silver replicas of the items, but they were never used. All these replicas were initially added to the client files at once, but they were later removed, with the exception of the Golden Crown. Currently, before each Tournament CipSoft adds to the files the corresponding prizes: trophies and replica. Now, only these four can be found:

Since there will only be one more tournament, we'll probably have only one of those available.