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Starting with the TRIUMPH tournament, we can actually stay online once we reach the end of our daily playtime! But to my surprise, you will not be able to leave your hometown temple or make any XP progress, bestiary entry or points of any kind during this online time! 

What can we do as useful things to spend our time online once we are locked inside the temple?

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If your playtime has ran out in a Tournament there's a couple of things you can still do as long as you don't have a battle sign you can-

  1. Make supplies (like runes etc,) but it won't increase your skills
  2. Sell loot
  3. Do quests but you won't be able to gain experience or kill creatures
  4. Get set up for next hunt or create a game plan for your next playtime
  5. Buy spells or promotion

Here's an official response by CM Skerio-

Without playtime, you can still finish a quest, but you won't receive any XP since you don't receive any XP in general once playtime has run out. You also cannot increase your skills. You will be able to make runes. Selling loot is possible, too. Blocking won't be possible due to the battle sign. You cannot deal damage once your playtime has run out. You cannot increase your skills in any way once your playtime has run out. You won't be able to buy exercise weapons, not even on regular worlds. Exercise weapons still in the possession of players will be removed. Affected players will receive a full refund for their removed store-bought exercise weapon(s) in due time.
You will neither be able to use runes nor do damage nor get XP once your playtime has run out.


  • Aside from there being a daily playtime, a total playtime has been introduced. The daily playtime shows how much time you can spend earning points during a day, whereas the total playtime shows how much time you have to do so during the entire Tournament. The daily playtime for TRIUMPH will be 4 hours while the total playtime will be 14 hours. Hence, you do not have to play every single day in order to maximize your entire playtime as you can play a maximum of 4 hours a day and 14 hours total during the seven days of the Tournament.
  • Playtime is only spent as long as you have the battle sign. You can now stay online once your playtime has run out, but you will be sent to the temple immediately upon receiving the battle sign and you can no longer gain or lose XP, earn points of any kind, make progress with bestiary entries, etc.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=5471&fbegind=14&fbeginm=3&fbeginy=2020&fendd=13&fendm=4&fendy=2020&flist=11111111

You can now stay online once your playtime has run out, but you will be sent to the temple immediately upon receiving the battle sign Q: Which temple are you talking about? Is it the character's hometown temple or is it a new place in the game? In the way it is written, it makes me wonder whether we will be able to leave the temple or not. Just being moved toa temple doesn't imply in any limitations by itself. A: Yes, you will be moved to the character's hometown temple and you can leave it right away.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&threadid=4786667&pagenumber=2

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I think they made it quite clear. You CAN leave the temple, but as soon as you get the battle sign, you are sent to the temple again - "Once your playtime has run out you will be sent to the temple upon receiving the battle sign."
This means MOST quests, training, blocking for friends won't work (you will be TPed to temple)
Selling loot, and making runes will work unless you get a battle sign.
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You absolutely have a point and I missed the mark. I still will await a response from CIP and will edit my answer to reflect your comment thanks for helping.