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As the topic says Does the mounts, achievements, quest, addons of your Tournament Character disappears when the Tournament over? Or does those "improves" will be availables for the next tournament, how it works?

For example, the new mounts Benevolent Coral Rhea, Benevolent Eventide Nandu or Benevolent Savanna Ostrich was available in this new Tournament TRIUMPH so it make me wonder what other things we can have available during tournament that we can take advantage without broke any rule?

Thanks in advance.

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No, when a Tournaments ends the characters got a full reset of all (Levels, Skills, Quest, Addons, Mounts, Achievements, Money, Items and Houses) all was deleted.

The image Benevolent Coral Rheaimage Benevolent Eventide Nandu and the image Benevolent Savanna Ostrich is special case, because is the only mount tied to the account and not to a single character, so thats why you can use in all your characters and Tournaments, so this is a great option to the people who like Tournaments.

Same as image Benevolent Coral Rheaimage Benevolent Eventide Nandu and the image Benevolent Savanna Ostrich you can buy Mounts or outfits with Tournament Coins, these are available for all characters on the account, including future ones.