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Can you get more than one "thank you" for an answer, either on help chat or specific forums? Or is it one answer = one "thank you"?
Generally speaking, can more than one player vote my answer up, so it adds to the general count of my received "thank yous"?
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Never seen any rule about it but more players can send “thank you” more than once in a single answer (not sure if it counts to be a tutor)
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You're right, I should be more precise. Edited my question a bit, thanks.

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I wanted to paste a quote from the Tutor Guide, as already mentioned- "In order to be appointed as tutor, you must have obtained 40 "Thank you!'s" by different players in the last 90 days." Source- Tutor Guide

I wanted to share with you some additional information from my research on limitations if we can get more than one thank you for an answer to become a Tutor, I hope it's helpful-

  • "If someone likes to thank someone else, he/she should be able to do so no matter if that TY actually counts towards the TY number or not. That's why we don't inform players about the exact limitations and numbers - you should not focus too much on when and how TYs count, etc" Source- Response from CM Mirade
  • "There will be a limit on how many TY'S a player can receive and give within a certain timeframe. But don't focus too much on a few rotten apples." Source- Response from CM Mirade
  • Question:  The "TY" are counted by chars or by accounts? Answer: By account Source- Response from CM Mirade
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According to the rule 4.1B from tutor guide, you need receive 40 "Thank you" from diferent players, the rule doesn’t specify that they need to be different answers.

So, yes, you can get more than one "thank you" for an answer.


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Interesting, good to know =D