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One of the bosses, which we can find on Rookgaard is a Munster. When you kill this boss you have a chance to loot a die .

Why a die? Is there any legend, any history that mentions, why we can loot this particular item (related to the gambling) from a rat boss?

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This is a good question! I think that history of such stuff is really interesting, maybe there is some book on Rookgaard that mentions it... or maybe somewhere else. I will wait for answers, but you made really good question!

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As an old rookstayer, I don't think there is and I've never heard of any lore behind Munster, nor his loot.
Logically, I think that it's just a devs node towards rookstayers, who were given the chance to grind for something extremely rare on Rookgaard - the chance to loot is approx. 1%.
The only other explanation that comes to my mind is that rats are known to eat pretty much everything. So Munster, as possibly quite a large rat could surely handle to swallow a :)