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What would be the houses, buildings and other instalations in Tibia that are apparently not used by anyone (not even NPCs) and that you can get in without any problem? Some of these houses are cool to play with some friends and do RPG, do a level up screenshot or even using for other purposes. What would be buildings without any owner in sight?

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Ah okay ^^
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houses only, or including balcony, gardens?
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hm, I prefer structures similar to houses!

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Way back when before I started to be all about these Hunting tasks and what not I was a Mother. I had a whole family in Tibia but apparently I never had a husband. My daughters name used to be named Lolipopgurl and we'd go spend our days building our houses in empty houses.

Our favorite two spots were just to the south east of Thais:

And our second spot was close to Venore near the Black Knight but we always had to be careful of the slime :) but he was our pet so it was okay.

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hahaha, that sounded so funny and nice! Cool RPG places!
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I have always liked these two:



I have some nice memories regarding these 2 oldschool houses. :)
Good, old RPG times.

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Hah your second image that I call the Hunter hut. I always go and look when I'm in that area because I feel like there should be something there