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The Man in the Cave is a boss I've always wanted to find. I heard you can find him if you walk around some squares in Svargrond but I want to know the exact spot to stand on and how he exactly ropes you up? The fansites I'm looking at I can't exactly tell where to stand...
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Are we standing anywhere from 1-3 sq and you'll get roped or a certain square?
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Also to me the best option is left a second character on the place and just enter check the screams and logout.

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You can hear both boss and monks while being downstairs, so you can tell exactly if there are only monks or boss + monks.

I've killed the boss 14 times and I have always been standing on this sqm (2 left to the frozen mage):

Note that it can take even up to 30 minutes to get roped - this is totally random.
Moreover you can observe an overresp when the boss spawns - there are additional 2 ice golems in the cave below.


All this info can be found in my guide https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/beginners-guide-to-bosshunting/
which you have also been quoting and refering to while posting your answers indecision

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yea your guide has where you stood directly to the left of this guys head now your 2 squares from his head- its different from your current screen shot.  O.o

thanks for going into detail on this boss cuz in your article you left it kind of minimum. still greatly appreciate all your work and guidance because i see so many different screenshots and things i wanted to clear it up as i never saw him myself
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The exact spot is 3 SQM to the left <-- of the frozen wizard.

As you can see in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIa26p5oVYs at 2:07

There is no way to know for sure that the boss is there, but if you can hear monks screaming, then thats a big hint (maybe someone already killed the boss and left monks alive, tho)

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didn't know you can hear monks scream..O.o thanks for video as well
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Well.... You can read their scream XD... REPENT HERETIC