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I'm trying to make an achievement Shell Seaker.


As different sources states - all I need to do is to open a Large Seashell and get Giant Shimmering Pearl 100 times. Of course we can open the shell once every 20 hours and see one of three different messages:

  • Nothing happens,

  • You found a beautiful pearl,

  • You squeeze your fingers resulting in a loss of 200 hitpoints (Physical damage),

so it can take many time to achieve this.

Everything was clear for me untill this day, because my friend said "It is matter which color of pearl you'll get - to make an achievement you need to get 100 blue Giant Shimmering Pearls". He added that he counted it cerfully and he's 100% sure.

Does it really matter which color of Giant Shimmering Pearl I get?

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I got the achievement with the brown pearl, so your friend's theory is, well, wrong. I also used to collect all these pearls in my dp and I didn't have 100 brown pearls - 2 types were mixed.
The pearl colour can be clearly seen in my bp:

So the answer to your question is - colour doesn't matter, just the quantity of all pearls, which has to reach 100.

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I just confirmed with a mate on my server who has this achievement this is false. Only require to get 100 pearls no matter the colour

Looking for more to help you I found this: https://www.tibiaqa.com/12044/how-long-does-it-take-to-get-the-shell-seeker-achievement 
which is an answer to a similar question where someone posts the % to get the pearl and more or less how long it takes to finish. Seems like 200 days would cover it complete but at Tibia Royal (link doesn't work anymore due to fansite no longer existing) this: however it does not end there, you must also find a Giant Shimmering Pearl or Giant Shimmering Pearl 100 times.

With the exception of that everything I find suggest that is 100 times you find a pearl and everyone I ask that has the achievement tells me the same.
Another wiki that tells the same tibia wiki br 

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Tynusiia, can you also get a screenshot of that? I was checking screenshots of other people -  found 3, and each looks like BLUE pearl (not sure though, perhaps water make them blue).
It would be interesting if that would be a truth- considering that both pearls have same notification.
It would also be odd that none has noticed it takes much more than 100. - I noticed that Trululu Gumdrops was updating Shell Seeker achievement for Tibiaroyal I believe,  he would update it accordingly. I think he should speak up here ;-)
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I achieved ths today with brown pearl :) it isn't true about only blue.
Congratz! & good to know;-)
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