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I know theres lots of large seashells in Tibia but I'm curious as to which location has the closest and easily accessible one. This would be handy in regards to the Shell Seeker achievement.

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The best place to use Seashell is Issavi. On the way you will meet only 1  Dromedary. Spot where is .

Hot to get there? You can get to Issavi by ship from Venore, Oramond, Darashia or Krailos and by Magic Carpet from any city with the service. From the boat follow the map:

Way from the carpet:

You can open every 20 hours with a chance to:

  • find a Giant Shimmering Pearl f
  • find nothing 
  • squeeze your fingers resulting in a loss of 200 hp (equipment will lower the damage)
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This is a great one, I haven't seen this one before. Do you know if there is only one shell in Issavi? Also how long does it take to close? (If I come and it's open, when can I try to open it myself)?
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To be honest i know only this one spot because I am doing it on my 150 RP everyday. I would say it close after 10-15 minutes, but i can be wrong. When I hunt Issavi with 4 people we can open it around 3-4 times in 1/1.5h. So every person can open it once while we hunt
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Best option for sure
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The one I was always going for is the seashell located in Fayrist. (When I finished the bosses I was always making sure to get one on my way back)

Its located just in the northwest corner of this little map, on the beach. The middle red spot part is the teleport you are getting into by using the sapphire.

Another location, for which you need a Callassa Quest, is here:

Although you need to have the access, it's by far the closest to the city (Liberty Bay, just put on the Helmet of the Deep and jump in, it's right next to the teleport). And the good thing about it is that even when someone opened this one, there are few more just next to it!

/Second pic is taken from Tibiaroyal.com