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This room appears to be an inaccessible place (for players) and was revealed by Cipsoft member - Delany. It seems that its purpose is to somehow trigger various raids in Tibia, but how does it work exactly?

img source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/TibiaWiki:Interviews/Delany?file=Zzaion_Underground.png

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Wow. Great question.

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The mysterious raid triggering room doesn't appear to be for all raids in Tibia. I'd suggest for just the room is dedicated to the Orc raid on Zzaoin. I wanted to paste a direct quote because no one explains it better than the source itself,

Certain things are also rather tricky to make and really pose a challenge. Chayenne explains that the Zzaion raid, for example, was quite complicated since she needed to find a way to open those gates during a raid, make sure that they stay open until next server save and then close again without locking characters in: "I eventually did it with ten hidden switches under Zzaion that are triggered by, uhm, rats that also spawn during the raid. Some of them appear just one time for a few seconds and do things like opening the gate or setting the walls on fire, others stay until the raid has ended and trigger a few special effects like fire raining from the sky. I'm still a bit disappointed though that the effects don't look half as spectacular as I hoped them to be and are over within a second each time."

Source dated Jan 08, 2010, an article titled, Making of Zao:


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I must have somehow missed this article. I try to read all, as they're great source of information.
I guess that's all I wanted to know. Very good find. Thanks!
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