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Hello, I just killed Zulazza the Corruptor and was wondering when does the gate to Zzaion close after the Orcs raid?

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The gates will be open until the next Server Save. The raid mechanism is explained in one of Cipsoft's articles. According to the article, after the server is saved there is some kind of reset of this mechanism and the gates will be closed.

Certain things are also rather tricky to make and really pose a challenge. Chayenne explains that the Zzaion raid, for example, was quite complicated since she needed to find a way to open those gates during a raid, make sure that they stay open until next server save and then close again without locking characters in: "I eventually did it with ten hidden switches under Zzaion that are triggered by, uhm, rats that also spawn during the raid. Some of them appear just one time for a few seconds and do things like opening the gate or setting the walls on fire, others stay until the raid has ended and trigger a few special effects like fire raining from the sky. I'm still a bit disappointed though that the effects don't look half as spectacular as I hoped them to be and are over within a second each time."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=1189