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What is it about? Apparently I can kill Dryads during it, but where can I find these Dryads raids to hunt during the month of the event?

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Premium Account.

Money to travel.

To find the Dryads, you need wait the raids (5), the messages are:

Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests near Ab'Dendriel.

Dryads have returned to protect the northern forests.

Dryads have returned to protect the forest north of Edron.

Dryads have returned to protect the jungle of Tiquanda.

Dryads have returned to protect their tree gardens underneath Cormaya.

Follow the way (Images) to the Dryad Gardens, The raid await inside of the Gardens.

Also with the Seeds looted, you can go with Rosemarie on Port Hope, to exchange five (5) Seeds by one (1) Flower Pot, the pot can contained one random flower:

  • Dryad's Heart
  • Lizard Tongue
  • Midnight Bloom Flower
  • Ember Queen Flower
  • Fairy Dancer
  • Finger Snapper  

Charm Points: Killing 5 Dryads you gonna full unlock on the bestiary and won 50 Charm Points.

Achievements: Achievement "Green Thumb", Obtainable by growing 100 fully developed flowers in Flower Pots. Tip: you can reuse pots by letting the flower in it wither to then finally water it again. The flower will return to stage 2 and can then be grown to stage 3 again. 

Achievement "Preservationist", Obtainable by using Ice Flower Seeds on a fully grown plant in a Flower Pot.

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Also, some information about the quantity of Dryads per raid that you can find would be very welcomed to people looking for bestiary points :)
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I added the requirements, images of place of raids, achievements and charm points. Also fixed the name of flowers.
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Nice work man! upvote