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How can I make profit during that event? What are the steps to make some money out of it?

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During the Flower Month (June) I use to make money just selling the Ice Flower Seeds Ice Flower Seeds diretcly to the other players. That's is best way to earn money considering players do not use to buy the gorwn flowers. You can sell each Ice Seed Flower for 100k average, but I had already sold it for 180k, of course it might vary from each server.

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Try to grab some Ice Flower Seeds in Svargrond and sell them for a good price. Most people would buy it to make their flowers permanent and get the achievement “Preservationist” and then be also able to sell it. I would also advice you to collect the seeds from the mobs and buy some pots in the NPC in Port Hope, grown the flowers, make it permanent and sell it after a while, when you can’t find those flower so easily.

I hope it helped :)