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About this particular one day event on Tibia, what would be the best way to profit during it? How can I get away that day with some sort of profit? Please, don't forget to add how much gold coins can I get with this event with a strategy.

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Keep in mind the prices I will let you know of are located in Paceras current market. We're in December and this event is during Valentines day. Pacera has been in Tibia since 2004 and is NON PVP. I know to profit off of this event you need to make sure you have multiple characters logged off near where she spawns (its what I do) to take advantage of some of the items that you just get once per year. You need to sell the items later in the year but not too close to Valentines Day. I'd say Summertime is perfect because Summerlove of course! There's some items she sell that aren't worth buying to profit off of so I'll just list the items I recommend.

ValentinaLocated in Greenshore village on Valentines Day.

Crimson RoseCrimson Roses are 15 gps each from Valentina. Market avg price in Pacera 400 gps currently.
Heart Backpack Heart Backpacks are 500 gps from Valentina (Once per year by saying hi, heart backpack, yes) Market avg price in Pacera 20,000 gps currently.

Sweetheart RingSweetheart Rings are 500 gps from Valentina. Market avg price in Pacera is 900 currently.

Truelove Teddy Truelove teddy 1000 gps from Valentina (Once per year by saying hi, truelove teddy, yes) Market avg price in Pacera is 13,500 currently.

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The strategy of this event is to create lots and lots of low lvl chars and go to the NPC in greenshore Valentina and say : hi - heart backpack - yes to get the heart backpack (only one per char) and get the true love teddy saying : hi - truelove teddy - yes

It can sell for more than 20k each bp (depending on server it can be more or less) and the teddy can be over 50k (also depending on server it can get to 100 ~300k usually in newer servers)

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WOW 50 k for the Teddy? I gonna get the ones that I got lost in the depths of my depot, I need to raise some money XD

But what about the other stuff? The flower, ring and the cake? Are they kinda worthless?
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On Antica sometimes 100k for teddy :)
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The flowers can be expansive too but not much more than 10k when the event isn’t active( mostly bc of cassinos) but it’s not usual to sell the rings or cake so I don’t know much about price...

@Tynusiia antica market is the best ;)