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Looking for regular items to decorate for Valentines Day. I don't have time to make some quests on extra characters so I'd like regular items please!

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I shared the same link on this question but it's also applicable here. 

Tibia Decorations has a great collection of items for Valentine's Day as well as examples of how they are used in decorations- https://tibiadecorations.com/valentines-day-decorations/

Tibia Home also has a section of romantic themed decor on their site here-  https://tibiahome.com/inspiracoes-romantico/

There are way too many items to list out individually, but some of my personal favorite non-quest items are:

Light of change image

Crystal wall image

Heart Pillow image

Red Gingerbread Heart image

Valentine's cake image

Undead Heartimage

Sweetheart Ring image

Cocktail Glass image

Love Elixir image

Malofur's Lunchbox image

Happy Decorating!