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Ok people, the event is right about to start! Can someone explain me or give directions on how to profit during this event? What can I do to get valuable stuff or loot during this event?

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To profit off of this event I highly suggest you wait for the event to be active to sell items. However, to purchase items you can probably find better deals when event isn't active because not everyone will be looking for decorative sheets for example. The items you will profit off of for the most part will be the decorative sheets, beer taps, and the plushies. Please note, prices change often but this is what I've noticed-

Bellicose Orger Bellicose Orger  dropDecorative Red SheetDecorative Blue SheetDecorative Green Sheet Decorative red, blue, and green sheets (worth several kk's) which can be used with a beer tap (50k-100k)Beer Tapfrom Roast PorkRoast Pork which players will buy these items in order to obtain a mount. You can also get an achievement from just getting one mount it's called, Achievement Grade Symbol Do a Barrel Roll! Seeing how all these items are hard to loot and very crowded spawns a lot of players will spend big money (especially during the event) to avoid the hassle. For more information to tame visit this link- How to tame Red/Green/Blue Rolling Barrel mount?

You get festive points by playing mini-games or defeating King Chuck. A lot of items from Orcsoberfest you cannot sell to other players as they go to your store inbox so keep that in mind but here's a list of what you can exchange with festive points, What rewards can I gain for festive points? However, a big ticket item is also the plushies you get from lots (and possibly King Chuck) which you can by exchanging festive points-

  •  Plushie of Gaz'Haragoth.gif Plushie of Gaz'Haragoth 2kk-2.5kk
  •  Plushie of King Tibianus.gif Plushie of King Tibianus  1kk-3kk
  • Sight of Surrender's Plushie.gif Sight of Surrender's Plushie 1kk
  •  Plushie of Devovorga.gif Plushie of Devovorga 1.1kk-2kk
  •  Plushie of a Deepling.gif Plushie of a Deepling 1.7kk-3kk
  •  Plushie of a Hydra.gif Plushie of a Hydra 3.5kk-5.5kk

I recommend you look at (Tibia bosses price checker) just a reminder prices change on a daily basis but this is what's listed currently. In my opinion, all plushies are not worth less than 1kk but not more than 5kk if you want to finish your collection. They are very hard to loot from lots, I've tried every event and had no luck getting any - I used maybe only 400 lots though.

CowPlayers might also by a Milk Churn looted from a Cow. If you use it on a cow you get Milk Churn a Filled Milk Churn.  They also drop Cow Bellcow bells, Veal.gif veal and a meat hammer Meat Hammer . However we do not know what these items do yet but players might buy them as they are only obtained during this event. Some say their just decorative. Pacera (my world) doesn't really have a market for these items yet as no one is seeking them. In my opinion, it's good to loot and keep them who knows.

There are other items from Orcsoberfest that aren't worth mentioning but I recommend keeping for decorative or just souvenir purchases.

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I see, in this event, two potential ways to earn, one of them is as cipsoft called a "special fight" which will most likely be a boss fight with a strange mechanics other than a percht queen but most likely something will drop from the boss, the second possible option to earn tasks for which we will get points or tokens that we can exchange for prizes like dolls shown on one of the screenshots. It is possible that the monsters that will be on this island will have an interesting loot because from what I remember perchts they had quite a profitable loot. We will have more detailed information tomorrow.

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Well, the event started and some days have passed... Anyone know what would be a good tactic to get money out of it in an efficient way?
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