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I collected few festive points and I wonder if there are any rewards for points. If yes, how many points do I need for them? Where can I convert points to prizes?

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I am actually curious about the pictures of the prizes. I can't find anywhere a full set of photos showing everything that we can get there!

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tickets rewards: 

Plushie of Devovorga GazharagothKing Tibianus Sight of Surrenders 

Points rewards:

Gingerbread hearts  500 points for one OR NEW VERSION (maybe it iis uneatable)

Tasty leberkas 100points

Delicious candy floss 100points

Juicy stockfish 140points

Exquisite unicorn weisswurst  2000points

Taditional beer mug 450points

Furnitures: RED, BLUE AND GREEN COLOR - for one item: chair 1500points, table 2500points, rack 1800 points, candelabra 2000 points or wall hangings 1200points, barrel 1300 points

All knowing sausages 100points

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can you add all the pictures of the chairs, tables, etc I can't find them anywhere
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Indeed, if you had the sprites of the furniture items, that'd be really nice. :)
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The furniture items are actually displayed around Xaver (only in one of the colours, blue).
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Yes, this items on Xavier's place ;p
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Festivity point [FP] use:

  • Lots [10 FP] - It appears to be a sort of lottery ticket, you use it by clicking on it and it gives you a message. Not sure about prizes, I've only used one so far and got nothing. But CM Skerio hinted that you can get a plushie through this method.

  • Gingerbread hearts [500FP]: They come in three colors and they can be personalized (inscribed). Possibly just deco/food. Similar item as Valentine's Cake? Others suggest it might be a type of super food. Given how costly it is, this might be possible, but the whole "personalize" concept throws that theory a little.


  • Chair [1500 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Table [2500 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Rack [1800 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Candelabra [2000 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Wall hangings [1200 FP]: Comes in red, blue and green.

  • Decorative barrel [1300 FP]


  • Leberkas [100 FP]

  • Candy floss [100 FP]

  • Stockfish [140 FP]

  • Unicorn weisswurst [2000 FP]

  • Traditional beer mug [450 FP]