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The Orcsoberfest offers many rewards such as furnitures, dolls, mounts and outfits. However most of these rewards are expensive and time demanding.

What is the best way I can farm points so I'll be able to get more than one reward while the event is on?
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good question. The event is confusing and seems to be hard to get something out of it

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The best way to farm points is by facing king chuck ( new boss).

Every time you defeat him you'll earn 200 points. He can be defeated in a team of two or three people up to five at once. There is no cooldown so if you have a good team you can do it 10 times in a row. 

To access it you need to find the Schnitzel and gain at lest 10 Schnitzel points. To gain points you need to defeat the "ham monster" inside the portal and use the hammer that it drops on the Schnitzel. You can earn up to 50 Schnitzel Points there.

Then you'll have access to the feeding grounds for 2 hours by using 10 Schnitzel Points. 

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During Orcsoberfest in March and October, you can get festive points by doing mini-games and also the final boss fight with King Chuck. Some games require you to be solo, some require a certain number of participants, or provide you with more points if more players help with the game. Please see the detailed chart I made below for more details. To sum it, if your solo it's best to have multiple characters and do the cart race, whack-an-orc and super drunk nailing if you have time for it waiting for cooldowns on all characters. Make sure you always do the final boss fight with King Chuck in a team though. If you're in a team it's best to help each other out with the mini-games sausage eating contest, cart race, super drunk nailing, feeding the pig if you want and of course the final boss fight with King Chuck. However, you should also do the individual whack-an-orc game for points. I wouldn't recommend doing fishing or mopping up vomit unless you have nothing better to do or if you're on your way to King Chuck.

If you have a team getting points in Orcsoberfest is very easy. What I recommend is doing the boss fight 3x a day and doing all the mini-games. Let's say if you have a team of 5 players or at least 3 players you can kill King Chuck then during the 1-hour cooldown each time you kill him you can do the mini-games with your friends. I'd recommend doing the sausage eating contest because you can have a minimum of 3 players or up to 5 players, more players are more points so 5 is best. Then you can do the cart race, however, you'd have to split the team up and find another player to join one of your team members or 2 can go on one team and 3 on the other. Then you can take turns helping each other with the super drunk nailing as if you push a player while super drunk it's faster than you doing it solo. Then you can each, of course, go into the individual mini-games like whack-an-orc. I'd honestly not recommend fishing unless you want to get the fish, have patience and time, and need the achievement. You can feed the pig with a group for the achievement and of course the festive points, just make sure you help but typically I like to focus on other games. While you're feeding the pig you can mop up vomit or whenever you go to the boss you can do that, but it's just a minor 1 point but hey, it helps.

Please note you can still do Orcsoberfest solo, I just always recommend doing King Chuck with a team not solo as it's practically impossible. You can still do most mini-games. I recommend mini-games if your solo cart race and whack-an-orc. You can do super drunk nailing solo but it will take time but I think this is, of course, faster than feeding the pig or fishing in my opinion. Also note, you can't do the sausage eating contest solo you need a minimum of 3 players. The key to getting points in Orcsoberfest is to do the mini-games and also ensure you perfect your skills in these games, as time's everything. Some games have different cooldowns so keep that in mind it might be a good idea to do those games first and while you wait do others. For example, I'll always do cart race first if I'm solo and then whack-an-orc, and lastly super drunk nailing. Or if you have multiple characters now the chance to stock up on points by doing these tasks repeatedly, just focusing on whack-an-orc and cart race. You will have points racked up quickly and on your main character, you can choose to get the furniture items because they go to your inbox and cannot be transferred and on your alternative characters you can get treats or lots for example. Happy Orcsoberfest!




Players needed

Boss Fight with King Chuck

Once an hour maximum of 3 times in 24 hours

100 points each success totaling 300 points a day

Minimum 1 player maximum of 5 players, wouldn't recommend solo.


Once every 15 minutes

Hitting 8 orcs: 5 festive points

Hitting 10 orcs: 10 festive points

Hitting 15 orcs: 15 festive points

1 player only

Sausage Eating contest

Once every 15 minutes

If three people participate, the winner gets 6 festive points

If four people participate, the winner gets 8 festive points

If five people participate, the winner gets 10 festive points

Minimum 3 players maximum 5 players

Mopping up vomit

Once every 15 minutes

1 festive point

Requires 10 Schnitzel Points which give you access to feeding grounds for 2 hours.

1 player only

Feeding the Porker

Once every 30 minutes

25 festive points (You're rewarded only if you fed the pig enough times. The pig needs to be fed a total of 300x)

Requires 10 Schnitzel Points which give you access to feeding grounds for 2 hours.

Minimum one player but others can help you feed and kill the porker.

Super drunk Nailing

3x every 30 minutes

5 festive points each time you hit the nails while super drunk. You can do this a total of 3x every 30 minutes so if you successfully hit the nails you can get a total of 15 festive points.

1 player game, however, a trick to this game would be for you to get super drunk while you don't move and your friend can push you. It's way faster to have a friend's help rather than you doing this solo as you get super drunk and cannot use a dwarven ring


15 seconds to use each fishing rod again

10 points for each bass caught

1 player only

Cart Race

Once every 30 minutes

15, 30, or 45 festive points depending on each player passing the finish line.

For example, if your solo you will only get 15 points if you finish the race. Another example would be If you have 3 players but 2 of you finish the race and the other failed you'll only get 30 points.

Minimum 1 player maximum 3 players

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Ye gods. Great answer
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Well I'm note sure if it is the best option because I didn't have enough time to test all and compare, but it seems to me a good way to earn points. Follow the steps bellow to earn points:

Next to the Orcsoberfest Island Arrival Teleport, you will find several Simple Fishing Rod, Stout Fishing Rod and Advanced Fishing Rod. So all you have to do is:

  1. With Worms in your backpack you can use as Simple Fishing Rod to try to catch Tiny Bass;
  2. With Tiny Bass in your backpack, you can use it as a Stout Fishing Rod to try to catch Small Bass;
  3. With Small Bass in your backpack, you can use it as an Advanced Fishing Rod to catch Bass.
  4. When fishing or Bass you get 10 Festive Points.
Warning: every attempt you spend Worm, Tiny Bass, Small Bass even if you don't capture the following stages.
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I've spend close to 30m in order to catch one Bass. It would take way too much time if i wanted to get some of the rewards that costs 1k+ points.
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It may vary according your fishing skills. As I said I have to try the other games. Fishing is a easy way just have to click, maybe not the fatest way if your fishing skills are bad.
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From my tests it doesn't depend on your fishing skill. It seems that the chances are fixed.