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Are there any stats with the % break chance on these bars when using your weapon on them? This question refers to the Wooden Bars that are breakable. These can be determined by looking at the bars. The message will state "They already have some cracks and look rather fragile."


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According to the Tibia fandom, it has two types of wood: Wooden Bars (Fragile) and Wooden Bars.

Unlike wooden bars (fragile), they cannot be broken. If you can specify the question, thank you.

Wooden Bars | TibiaWiki | Fandom
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I have added more details to the question.
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I liked the question, sometimes I have a hard time breaking objects inside my house, some take too long. It is like this wooden bar (fragile) in some situations it took me a while to break.

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This question intrigued me and I wanted to know the answer myself, so here it is. :)
I used my sword 500 times on wooden bars and I have carefully analysed the results.

The place where I conducted my research was specific Dworc's cave on Tiquanda:

It has 10 wooden bars and each of them rebuilds after 2 minutes - that was enough for the test to go smooth.


  • Tries - 500
  • Successful attempts (bars broken) - 166
  • Failed attempts (bars intact) - 334
  • Percentage chance to break the bars - 33.2%
  • Percentage chance to fail - 66.8%
  • Longest streak of broken bars - 5
  • Longest streak of fails - 12

The final answer is - the chance to break wooden bars is approx. 33.2%. So out of 3 attempts, theoretically one should succeed.