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I have tried to break a vase to get my chance with pharaon, but after couple of attempts I gave up. Attempts are allowed every one hour. What is an approximate chance to succesfull break?
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hehe me too, the worst is when broke it in ront of you... so sad
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I stoped to try it. So many times made for nothing
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I have tried 15 times so far, one more and I give up :<

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I have a friend who always breaks the vase or tries to and he said it's all based on luck. It could happen with 5 clicks or 25 clicks it's all just random. Fandom, the fansite claims it takes 10-80 jars anywhere between there. So it's quite random.  My friend said he would watch the amount of players that would use the vase and there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the amount of clicks. He would watch 40 people use the vase every hour for example, and nothing. What he would recommend is make sure you have a lot of characters that can use the vase that way your chances are increased because you can only click on the vase ONCE and hour. He said you also shouldn't give up, keep trying to break the jar and also you can save the boss access for as long as you wish it doesn't expire.

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Hey Maleigihas,

as far as I know, there are no reliable statistics concerning the tries that are necessary for breaking the vase. According to Wikia the number of tries is between 10 and 80 for the vase to break.
So i guess it is no thing that is limited on the character's luck but a thing about the amount of clicks on the vase itself.

Hope this helps you a bit!