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I know that dryads use the love effect and I'm wondering if any other creature in-game does this. I would also like to know any creatures in game that are based around love.

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What does the Hearts Effect effect

  • Dryad's Heart Missile
  • Mad Sheep's Healing;
  • Vampire Bride
  • Lucky Dragon
  • Princess Lumelia
  • Community Manager
  • Nymph
  • Celebrating Orger
  • Bonny Bunny
  • Skyrr's, Chayenne's and Grimrat Heart UE (?);
  • Evil Sheep Lord's Heart Bomb; 
  • Using a Sweetheart Ring
  • Using a banana chocolate shake
  • Using a Panther Doll
  • Using a crystal during the mission Matchmaker during Bigfoot's Burden Quest;
  • Using an Occupied Birdcage near the Giant Tree in the Desecrated Glade;
  • Kissing the pig the last time during Kissing a Pig Quest;
  • Using a Demon Infant on a Dragon, a Fire Devil, or on another Demon Infant if tasked to;
  • Using a Milk Churn on a Cow.
  • Using a bridal wreath on a black skull, and also using a bridal black skull.

Source: Tibia Fandom (Hearts Effect)

*I bolded creatures

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+ Banana Chocolate Shake :)
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Thank you, there's a lot of items that do the heart effect xD
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yeah.. Love is in the air :D
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+the nymph also does it
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Although it's not a creature, you can generate the same effect by using a Sweetheart Ring , obtained from Valentina during the Valentine's Day Event.

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As listed by shawtay in their reference to  https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Hearts_Effect almost all the creatures using the effect are listed there. The only one i can think of not mentioned is the Bonny Bunny from the Winter Solstice event which uses Hearts Beam ( with the same hearts effect ) that causes not the usual drunkeness or summoning of evil sheep, but rather 0-6 fire damage.

I guess sometime Love Hurts

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It's always additional info so why would you deserve a downvote :P thanks mate
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Xenia uses some kind of wave with heart/love effect.

Source: https://www.tibiabosses.com/forum/topic/the-great-boss-hunt/?part=20#postid-2239