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I saw some cool looking demons, dragon lords and giant spiders spawning during the 25th Anniversary. But what would be the full possible loot available from such creatures (add rarity as well)? I killed a few of these creatures and so far the loot is very differently from their regular counterparts.

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So far I can confirm that you can loot:

Nothing - empty - uncommon

Tibia platinum coins 2-8- common
Ice Cream Cone (Sprinkles)  &   Birthday layer cake (25)- rare

 Special Fx Box - Very rare - I suspect you can loot only one special FX box per raid per place.

Stats to be updated during progress:

72 x Unexpected 2x Special FX Box;5 layered cake, 1 cone

26 x Uninvited - 1 cone, 1 cake

76 x Unsolicited - 2 cake, 2 cone

78 x  Unwanted x 3 Ice Cream Cone, 1 cake