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I really would like to know what you can get from each one of the minibosses at the 25th anniversary of Tibia. The loot seems pretty bad so far and I don't see many people fighting there now.

Remember to include the Theons that you might "loot" from these creatures.

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The loot of the first 9 (I dont kill the last boss (#10)) is:

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I don’t think it’s true about receiving less theons when killing in team, it’s just luck…. I get 100 theons killing in full team (5-4 players) most of the time, but I think I only got 150 theons once
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A friend ED lvl 950+ always do solo and he say me that. When he do solo he got 150 all the times.
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Amount of teons depends on your dmg. Sometime as blocker you get 150. But as I said Top dmg get 150 Theons