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Having the specific area fully explored gives us an interesting ability to have all NPCs of that area marked on the map. If we unlock Thais subarea and check locations near the arena from Dream Courts Quest, we can notice something strange.

You can see the spot where Barzak should stand. He is not there. I checked some old recordings and found out that this NPC is missing since the implementation of this location. All other NPCs marked in this location are present in-game.

Is this a bug, mystery or some unknown part of the lore? I would really like to know, but the ultimate question is - where is he?

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I just want to add that I asked the support about Barzak via ticket. I got the response a few weeks ago that it will be checked, but recently my ticket got removed and the NPC is still missing.
Very strange indeed.
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Have you waited a whole Tibian day there? Time-dependant NPCs are also marked on the Cyclopedia map and, therefore, we don't always find them on the marked spots.
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I haven't spent a full Tibian day there personally, but my friend who worked on Absaan's transcription spent quite a lot of time in the bar. He had a good view of Barzak's position all the time. He hasn't noticed anything suspicious on day/night.

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On 03rd of August 2021 following changes has been added to the game:

"The NPC Barzak is no longer only visible on the cyclopedia map, but can now be found ingame as well."

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=6268&fbegind=4&fbeginm=7&fbeginy=2021&fendd=3&fendm=8&fendy=2021&flist=11111111

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So one of our theories about Barzak being missing due to regular bug turned out to be right. Hail Tibiasecrets!

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nicely done!:)
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Second bug that tibiasecrets discover, gz :D
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I'm shooting but maybe it's it.

I found author named Christopher Barzak - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Barzak

and he wrote the following books:

  • Wonders of the Invisible World
  • Invisible Men

Maybe it's coincidence but I think that Barzak may be invisible for purpose and it's just an allusion

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Yes - that's what I was looking into as well, but maybe if we read the book maybe there's a way to make him appear? I think some copies can be seen online...
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