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NPC Rehon, son of Emperor Rehal, the ruler of Beregar is very hard to reach, as he is imprisoned by furious trolls and troll legionnaires. Moreover, there is no practical reason to visit him apart of the Royal Rescue mission, which is a part of the Hidden City of Beregar quest.

Recently, I have found out that he teaches spells! Surprisingly, he reacts to the “spell” keyword:

As it turned out that he doesn’t know any spells for my vocation (paladin), I asked my friend (knight) to check it out.

So, NPC Rehon teaches knight spells. According to my reasearch this fact has never been published on any Tibian fansite and remained unknown to the community until now.

Is there any logical reason for this NPC to teach spells? What is the purpose of that, if it takes at least 10-15 minutes to reach him (and avoid dangers on the way)?

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wow didnt know that im druid im gonna go and see if he only sells for kngihts and maybe sorc
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Epic discovery! I've never seen anyone else talking about it. You might be the first one who published this!
If Beregar is so empty and has empty shops without NPCs, maybe ther is or there will be a way to make Rehon appear in the city and serve as regular spell teacher?

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Let’s start that from the fact that everywhere around Kazordoon you can see Knights Vocation presence as an example:

Dwarven Statue  (with Axe)  -https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarven_Statue_(Axe)

Dwarven Statue  ( with Hammer)- https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarven_Statue_(Hammer)

Dwarven Statue ( with Mace) - https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Dwarven_Statue_(Mace)

Even the quests related to Kazoordon will have a connection with Knights- the rewards are mostly for Knights use only (Crusade Helmet Quest, Iron Hammer Quest, Circle Room Quest ). Of course – it is not strictly knight-only thing, but the majority is about knight weapons or their creation.

Since “Dwarfs are a very ancient human-like race. Once they were famous all over Tibia for their craftsmanship” and they were using typical sword weaponry/ equipment they would master they craftsmanship in these areas. Therefore, their symbol of culture would be weapons such as Axe, Hamer, Mace- which they are proud of.

Considering that Rehal is a Royalty of Dwarfs it is more than right that he will be linked and associate to Knights Vocation. Consequently, the Royalties would be able to do more than “normal” citizens, for example, teach spells for knights (for those who deserves to know!). It’s like Emperor Kruzak & Rehal are selling promotion, Kawill (Geomancer Chief) or Pydar ( Head of Pyromancers) are selling the blessings. Another person who is selling similar spells- Duria- is a Knight Guild Leader of Kazoordon. Notice there are no other Guild Leader representatives apart of Etzel (with the title of Sorcerer Guild Leader connections to Sorcerers are also visible in Kazoordon & not only there- see Sorcerer Statue (Dwarf) ). The fact that Rehal is allocated far away is a part of the quest (Rehal has been imprisoned by Trolls). It is out of respect to his status and history that he can teach Knight spells, despite being in the Prison cell.

It is an amazing addition to the history History of Dwarfs & Kazordoon giving it more personality and deepness.






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Such an interesting discover. I don't think it was done with the purpose of being an option for players to learn new spells. Probably, it was only done for roleplay purposes in order to give more life and personality to the npc. I don't see any other reason for it.
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It really makes me want to go out and discover what other NPCs  have not been discovered their full potential
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I think that in the game you can find many NPCs' speeches telling some interesting stories that we don't know yet. I'm glad you're interested in it. I recommend starting by checking carefully what Rehon has to say. He may be hiding some other secrets. Try asking him about "spellbook" and NPCs living in Beregar. You will surely find out interesting things.
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When it comes down to it, it’s stuff like this that make Tibia so great! Like his father, deep in the hidden city, has the ability to promote a characters vocation. Why wouldn’t you be promoted at that time? It’s crazy but it adds a sense of realism to the game. Rehon, a dwarven guard has the ability to teach knight spells lore wise makes perfect sense. Old Veteran in jail, just amazing.
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