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Hey guys,

I have been working on some investigations and came across some interesting information from the NPC Xed located at the Iron house in Venore relating to some shady deals his boss (Abran Ironeye) is involved in.

I am wanting to know whether or not there is any mention in the tibia lore (npc/books ect) referencing/confirming who the npc involved with these shady deals may be. 

Here is the information I have gathered for context and to assist in finding a solution. 

Firstly, Xed can be found at the Iron house in Venore. Upon questioning, Xed indicates that his boss (Abran Iron House) has been doing some shady deals with a man in a black clock. 

(Xed responding to honest)

Xed also reveals that he believes it is relating to the excalibug (which a man in edron can obtain) and a rare distance fighting weapon.

If you head upstairs you will find Abran Ironeye dressed notably in a 'heroes' outfit. Abran Ironeye indicates he would reward the player if they brought him the excalibug, but doesnt respond to any mention of shady deals. 

Interestingly, Abran Ironeye wears the same outfit as Avar Tar wears, who is also located in Edron and has links with a couple of mysteries including the excalibug, however Avar Tar does not respond to any mention of shady deals either.

I couldn't find much more information outside of that with the exception of some theories players have where Theodore Loveless in Liberty Bay could be the person mentioned in the shady deals given he is in what looks to be a grey/black cloak and represents the venorian trade association in Liberty Bay. 

Theodore Loveless also has a hidden demon in his basement which some players have linked could be involved with the trades.

But I haven't found any connection with Theodore in the lore itself as he doesnt respond to any mention of shady deals.  

I was wondering, is there any information on who is the NPC that Abran Ironeye does Shady Deals with? Perhaps there is an NPC in Venore that mentions it or a book, I am not sure. 

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I don't know if there's anything related, but as you mentioned the Avar Tar addon, I remembered Daniel's and went to talk to him, I tried to do an interview but I didn't get much success either.

I went to edron and nothing too, unfortunately I didn't have time to investigate venore.

10:15 Little Jessyh [861]: excalibug
10:15 Daniel Steelsoul: With this weapon in my hand, I would teach the servants of darkness the true meaning of the word fear.
10:16 Little Jessyh [861]: weapon
10:16 Daniel Steelsoul: Look for Willard, our local blacksmith.
10:16 Little Jessyh [861]: Willard
10:16 Daniel Steelsoul: When he was young, Willard served in the royal army.

 Willard didn't want to talk to me much.
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Interesting. Thanks for those highlights, I will check those two NPC's and see if they react to shady deals/other entries and whether they might be connected to Abran. If I find anything additional, I will post here.

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