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If you travel to Carlin and find Rachel, you will notice she is the only NPC that buys Talons from the players in all of Tibia.


There are two points of interest with Rachel: 

1- She only buys a couple of items from the player, with the Spell wands and Talon being the only items listed (apart from empty potions/vials)


2- Her front sign also reads as: 'The mysterious shop for sorcerers and other magicians' 

Perhaps the reference of other magicians could refer to druids, or perhaps it could allude to why she purchases Talons given the magical rumors around the warlocks of Demona and talons.

Why though, is she the only NPC that wants to buy Talons? Is there any quest or lore that can answer this?

 ~Shady Doctor

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Correct me if I am wrong, but there isn't a NPC in Bounac that buys Talons as well? Interesting question.
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Yes, It will be Augustin. TibiaWiki is sometimes not linking NPC's to products- if you go to NPC Augusting https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Augustin you will see he buys Talons, but it does not display on the site with Talons.
Same happens with Alptramun's Toothbrush- https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Alptramun%27s_Toothbrush.
What is actually interesting, is the fact that it seems NPC Augustin kind of replaced Yasir (he sells lots of products which are tradeable only with Yasir).
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Wow this is actually super interesting, I checked through those links and it appears as though you are correct in that the addition of Augustin through the updates means that technically Rachel seems to no longer be the only NPC in all of Tibia to buy Talons. Very interesting indeed. There seems to be a lot of interesting things around Augustin in general.

If you wanted to place your comment as an answer I will select it as the best answer since it provides more clearer and updated information than Tibia wiki does, which will help players like myself in their investigations.

Thanks mate  and thank you FPoPP :)

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NPC Rachel indeed was the only one interested to buy the talons from the players, until Bounac has been introduced with a few new interesting NPC's - including NPC Augustin. Also, NPC Augustin added possibility of selling several items which can be sold only to Yasir. Nevertheless, Rachel seems to be an interesting NPC acting like grumpy old woman. Her spontaneus speech is "These impatient young brats!"  and when you asker for job she will tell you " I thought only intelligent people were allowed to become sorcerers." . I believe she is not entirely happy to be located in Druids City (Carlin).  So far, there is no more connections between NPC Rachel and talons.

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Hey, thank you for answering this for me as well as providing some background context to the answer with some additional insights and food for thought. I have never been to Bounac and only have discovered Augustin as an npc through this site and its answers. It seems Tibia wiki is a little outdated with its information regarding Augustin and its sites like this one with answers like this that can help players like me get the clearest picture. Thanks!