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I am doing some research into Chantalle and the secret demon she has hidden in her basement. I checked Tibia wiki and could only find information on Chantalle relating to the thieves guild mission in which a player obtains a key to an upstairs room to steal a goldfish. Other than this, I can't find any other information or reference of Chantalle.

I was wondering if there is any lore on the NPC Chantalle, possibly books or other npcs that reference her?



I thought I would add a few pics of the basement/route as requested. 

NPC + Basement (Location just north of liberty bay dp):

Just follow the path north from this shop past a couple of mountains until you reach some rubble in the center of a field. use a shovel on the rubble to enter into the tunnel.

Hidden tunnel entrance:

Once inside head south to reach the basement room with the demon.

Demon basement room:

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I don't know the answer to your question, but I can give a hint that might put someone on the right path. I suspect the NPC may be some sort of allusion to someone or something. Notice that Chantalle uses the word "horrible" incredibly often. Take a look at the transcript below.

06:50 Chantalle: He's some evil sorcerer. Sorcerers are horrible people anyway.
06:50 Mogh [343]: Liberty Bay
06:50 Chantalle: What a horrible, horrible little town. Have you seen those huts some people live in? How can they stand this? Silly people. And that stench! Everything and everyone that is native smells like fish! Horrible, I say it's just horrible!
06:50 Mogh [343]: Chondur
06:50 Chantalle: Who might that be? Probably one of these horrible natives.
06:50 Mogh [343]: cult
06:50 Chantalle: I don't know anything about a cult. On the other hand, I wouldn't be too surprised if this fish smelling natives, that are up to no good anyway, would have some horrible cult.
06:51 Mogh [343]: native
06:51 Chantalle: The natives had almost massacred themselves before we arrived to rescue them. And what to we get in return? Now they want to massacre us instead! These horrible people.
06:51 Mogh [343]: pirate
06:51 Chantalle: Pirates are scary. Mr. Loveless tries hard to get the army to do more against these horrible pirates. Unfortunately the army people are rather reluctant and always find some excuse for their inactivity.
06:51 Mogh [343]: quara
06:51 Chantalle: These horrible fishmen even haunt me in my dreams! I'm sure the natives are in league with them. It's no coincidence that they both smell alike.
06:51 Mogh [343]: Raymond Striker
06:51 Chantalle: That is one of those horrible cutthroats that lead the pirates.
06:51 Mogh [343]: rum
06:51 Chantalle: It tastes horrible. I can't understand what people like about it.
06:51 Mogh [343]: horrible
06:51 Chantalle: Yes, horrible. Isn't it?
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interesting the death behind the demon more than the demon, seems like someone long time ago was idk, trying to escape? who knows if that demon was summoned to stop him, in the other hand, did u noticed this part of the chat?

06:51 Chantalle: The natives had almost massacred themselves before we arrived to rescue them

who is she? where "they" came from? we should probably talk with someone else more experienced about lb, i would give a try

Update: i did my research and i found this.

18:30 Miwaire Cerio [271]: loveless
18:30 Chantalle: You can say that Mr. Loveless is kind of an ambassador of Venore. He is very important and I run his business here. He's a good friend of the local governor and back in Venore he's an important figure of the trade association.

also talking with mr loveless i found that they are venorean traders who came to liberty bay with the help of Thais.

talking about mr loveless and the governor i found that the governor is a puppet of mr loveless who is also the owner of chantalle's shop, so is his demon, not of her. chantalle and bertram are just servants of loveless, who also is who control from behind  the oppression on liberty bay, i could detail it more but i would prefer using discord channel for that matter, what i recommend is: don't focus on chantalle, she is just the servant, probably a sadistic and egocentric servant, but a servant anyway.
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Yeah, Theodore Loveless is definitely a more important character in my opinion to the game's lore than Chantalle. Almost all NPCs in Liberty Bay reacts to his name.

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