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About the lore of the game, we know Banor was the first human (created by the Gods), he was married to Kirana and they had a daughter called Elane, so I'd like to know if the Elane that we see at Thais is the Banor's daughter?

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I hope this answers your question.

The Creation of Humans BOOK TWO
Thus the age of the wars of the unliving began. The battles were furious and
bloody and for along time no side was
apparently winning. Uman gave humans the art of magic and instructed them in
the magic crafts. But even the sorcerers could
not turn the tables. Some of them turned thereupon away from Uman and called
Crunor their lord, in order to serve from then
on as druids for the forces of the life. Together with the godly world tree
Crunor they created many of the creatures, that
populate the wilderness today, although a variety of these creatures was
extinguished in the wars of that time.
Banor however chose the noblest of the mortal ones, Kirana, as its wife, and
she bore him Elane, which possessed as much
virtue as combat and magical powers. And she became the first of the noble
paladins. Until our times the leader of the paladins
is in honors to her a woman and assumes the honorary name Elane.

The book seems to indicate that the leader of the paladines assumes the new name 'Elane' in honor to Banor's daughter. 

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A small fix to this answer, this sentence can be found in the lore: "To this day the position of the leader of all paladins must only be filled with a woman, and those who do so invariably adopt the honorary name of Elane." this means all paladin guild rulers have to adopt the name of Elane. Which responds the question and clarifies any second guessing about your answer.