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If you tell the NPCMarlene the word seamonster she will tell you her experience. My question is at exactly midnight can you actually hear and see a seamonster at the docks of Northport?

22:41 Shawtay [585]: seamonster
22:41 Marlene: Only some days ago I was at the docks late in the night and was looking for my husband's ship when suddenly a known noise appeared near the docks. ...
22:41 Marlene: I know this noise very well because it is the noise of a ship sailing very fast. I searched the horizon in hope to see my husbands ship. ...
22:41 Marlene: But instead of a ship I saw a huge shape far away. It was like a big snake swimming in the sea. ...
22:41 Marlene: I couldn't see it clearly because of the fog but I think I saw two lava-red eyes glowing in the nightly fog. ...
22:41 Marlene: I ran into the house and hoped that my husband would arrive safely from fishing. And after one hour he finally arrived. ...
22:41 Marlene: I told him about what I saw but he didn't believe me because he never saw anything like that in all the years before. But you believe me right? Go and convince yourself. ...
22:41 Marlene: Just go to the docks at exactly midnight and be very quiet. Look at the horizon and maybe you will hear and see it, too!

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Marlene has been there a very long time (Before version 6.0) and has always mentioned the Sea Monster. I have tested her story in the long ago in the past and more recently and nothing appears or is heard. Other NPCs mention she is a very talkative so chances are her story is just Tibia 'flavor' but it is possible she was used as a build up for the Sea Serpents implementation in Version 8.2 in July 2, 2008

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Which other NPCs call her crazy? :o
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My bad. I substituted talkative for crazy in my edit.
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Which ones call her talkative now, the reason I'm asking is I'd like to go speak to them xD