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Hello, I am hunting Elf Arcanists for my bestiary, and I noticed that they say:

For the Daughter of the Stars!

Who is she? Why Elves are referring to her? Can we find any info about her? If yes - where?

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The Daughter of the Stars is named Priyla. She is one of the Celestial Paladins. The elves believe that seven elven lords have achieved the status of Celestial Palladin. Priyla is one of them. These beings among the elves have god-like status. 

Priyla is mentioned in a book titled "Religion in Elven Society". The book can be found at Ab'Dendriel.

Religion in Elven Society (Book) | TibiaWiki | Fandom

Priyla is also mentioned by Maealil and Llathriel.